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Either way! Just show up 10 mins early on your first day for a couple forms!

Just come! It’s laid back. A couple papers to sign. Or here if you’d like to complete 

YOU!!!  And water & a yoga mat (some to share if you dont have one yet)


(if you have them).  

Light (5-12lbs) and Heavy (8-30lbs) set 

We provide over 500lbs of dumbbells to share, 

but our group is growing awesomely! 

Yes, all equipment is sanitized and social distancing is totally doable outdoors! 

They are a real thing. We get it! Everyone has felt nervous to show up for something for the first time. We can promise you will feel instantly welcome.  If you’d like we can meet for coffee first just text Jen to meet 919-247-2796

Nope! Come on girl! We got you! Every exercise is shown with modifications for beginner, intermediate & advanced.

Yes!  Yes, trainers are certified Pre-&Postnatal Coaches. The April 2020 ACOG guidelines recommend exercise before, DURING PREGNANCY & after pregnancy. At least 20-30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise most or all days of the week and adjusted as medically indicated.  *You are required to ask your doctor if you have any restrictions.  

Yes, both trainers are certified Pre-&Postnatal Coaches.  If your doctor has cleared you to resume exercise (usually 6 weeks postpartum) then YES this is the best fit!  We are supportive and love welcoming new ladies and snuggly babies! 

Click here to learn more. Hop on live or do the recording at anytime.  Message for login details.

Yup! Chase after them if ya need (extra cardio lol) and get right back to it when you can Mama! They learn to stay within eye sight & most of the very very little ones stay under the pavilion.  It is laid back so do whatever you need to take care of your child (bottle feeding, nursing, snacks etc). 

YASSS bring your kids to play! They do NOT have to stay in a stroller. We love to see them active, smiling and all become friends! We encourage kids to workout with non weighted exercise.

NO all ages are in OUR group! We have Beach Grandmas in their 70s that attend class weekly.

OF COURSE!!! Our bodies just adjust to the hot humid summers and semi cold winters! We always feel good!  Winter we dress in 3 layers and end up in a tank or just a sports bra. 

Yes ocassionally we have Saturday classes.  Please see the calendar

No we always meet rain or shine since we are under the pavilion.  Please get the “WhatsApp” for very rare last minute schedule changes due to severe weather (hurricane/ice Zoom option) or sudden location change.